Getting design-led housing off the ground
We created Developer Collective because we believe the development of small sites for housing can make a significant difference to the number of new homes being built each year and architects are the best people to make this happen.
We have watched with dismay as successive governments failed to support more enlightened policies around land disposal and home building that would prioritise new ideas about living in the city over securing the best price.

We believe it’s time to diversify and move away from relying on large house builders and large sites to solve the housing crisis. Our research found many agreed - so we decided to do something about it.
Amanda is an award-winning journalist and founder of the architecture platform, Archiboo, while Gus runs Unboxed Homes, Rare Space and Crowdestates. Both have been on numerous judging panels including the Stirling Prize and design review panels including the Right to Build Policy Commission. They were the creative directors for the RIBA Guerrilla Tactics 2019.