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Each four-hour masterclass starts with the theory of property development and ends with a practical workshop and a networking session.

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Online Courses 2020
Introduction to property development

If you're completely new to development, Gus has recorded a free masterclass for you to learn about some of the key terms and key rules of thumb.

In this 20 min course we will cover:

• What is a development appraisal
• How to value land
• Buyers remorse
• Typical terms and rules of thumb
• Managing your cash
• A quick comparison of development appraisal tools

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How to do a development appraisal

A development appraisal is the financial assessment that establishes the viability of a project and is an essential tool for any would-be developer.

This online course is led by Developer Collective co-founder, Gus Zogolovitch and as part of the course fee, you will get to keep Gus’s bespoke development appraisal template.

Before taking the course please make sure you have watched the free online course - an introduction to property development - we will send you a link once you have registered.

The course will be in two parts- theory and practical. In the first half Gus will go through the template and explain the variables and risks associated with development including costs and overheads.

The second half is a practical exercise to complete in your own time. We will send you details of a small site recently sold at auction.  

Once you have completed the template by yourself, we will send you a link to the second video where Gus will take you through his calculations that will show the total development cost and profit.

You can also post questions and comments and Gus or one of the team will answer them. The course videos have no expiry and you will be able to refer back to them as often as you wish.

All attendees will also get an exclusive invite to a closed group of development support and opportunities so that you can get continued advice and networking opportunities even after the course.

If you would like to purchase both this class and How to Find Land together, please click here for our 15% off bundle price.

How to find land

The second course in our online masterclass series is focused on how to find and buy development sites.

How to Find Land is in two parts. In the first half of the class Gus will go through the different ways of finding and purchasing land and what to look out for.

The second half is a practical exercise. You will be sent details of three sites to appraise for development. Gus will then take you through each site and the related documents in order to explain which one offers the best outcome.

Access to the class video will not expire. You will also receive two sample letters that can be used to write to landowners and as a masterclass attendee you can join our closed WhatsApp group where participants share opportunities, tips and advice to support you on your property development journey.

Before taking this class we recommend you take our previous online class, How to do a development appraisal, which is the financial assessment that establishes the viability of a project.

If you would like to purchase both this class and How to do a development appraisal together, please click here for our 15% off bundle price.

How to find finance

Securing the finance for your first development can be tricky as no one wants to lend to developers without a track record – but how do you establish a track record without the finance? In this two-hour class we examine the different routes to securing funding, and covering the following topics:

  • Cash
  • Debt
  • Debt finance
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Other lenders
  • Other types of finance
  • Typical structures
  • Friendly loans
  • Peer to peer lending & crowdfunding
  • How to get a track record

There will also be a practical exercise where you will be given a site which you will appraise and then decide what you would bid for the land. Gus will then take you through his appraisal process and the numbers that he came up with.

Access to the online course video will not expire, and all attendees will be invited to our exclusive WhatsApp group where members can ask for and share advice, news, or any future projects for collaboration.

Doing the deal

In ‘Doing the deal’ we look at the various types of offers you can make on bits of land – when do you offer STP and when do you offer STC? What is an option and when does overage apply?
We also look at some ways to get started and how to buy land without any money!
Like all of our masterclasses, we end with a practical exercise to implement what you have learned.

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