How to develop small sites
Our conferences bring together architects, developers and investors who have done it and explain how they started, from raising finance to marketing and selling.

They also offer practical tips and opportunities to network with investors, developers and other property professionals.
New conferences coming soon

Our conferences and masterclasses are all about helping people find land, obtain finance and minimise risk. In 2020 we will also be addressing issues to do with bidding for sites, planning, project monitoring and cost control.

Previous conferences
This year's Guerrilla Tactics conference helped small practices understand the developer mindset including how to pitch. Here, Roger Black explains why the most memorable architect pitches are ones “when the architect comes in and talks about what success looks like".
As an architect you need to tap into your client's fundamental motivations and their unspoken emotional needs says Steve Sanham speaking at the Guerrilla Tactics conference.
The message from our second conference is that housebuilders are being challenged by a growing number of independent and community -led developers where profit is not king.
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Softroom founder Oliver Salway says you need to understand the value of an opportunity and what it really means if the project comes under stress
Architects are turning to development because it is very hard to run a profitable practice 'doing craft architecture on a small scale' says Jake Edgley.
Our first conference heard from developers, local authorities and architects on why finding, acquiring and developing small sites requires patience, ingenuity and luck.