Why we started the developer pitch

I have set up several businesses but my most relevant experience was when I set up a financial technology business (and found out that you shorten everything in the tech world – so it became a fintech). Coming from the built environment, I was blown away by the amount of support available from free office space and access to mentors to pitch coaching and communication help.

That idea didn’t make it sadly – mainly due to regulations and other factors that made it impossible to get off the ground.

However, since then I’ve always wondered why the same opportunity and support doesn’t exist in the built environment.

This is where the Developer Collective steps in. When we set up, we had an ambition to help architects become (good, ethical and sustainable) developers.

We put on three sold-out conferences to about 500 people to give people inspiration and practical tips. Each day had a run through of a typical development – starting with finding land, finding finance, dealing with lawyers, and how people had actually made it happen.

Next we designed a set of masterclasses to give real insight and practical experience of everything you need to get going and buy your first piece of land, from understanding the development appraisal to doing the deal with the landowner.

But unlike the start-up scene, one of the things we felt was missing from the industry is the opportunity to meet people and ask for help. So we created the Developer Pitch to be the built environment’s own version of Dragon’s Den.

It’s an evening of seven three-minute pitches given by architects, investors, developers and anyone else with a great idea that needs backing.

We are hoping that it will prove to be a place where architects can pitch for money (for a site they’ve sourced or an idea they have), developers can pitch for partners and investors can pitch for opportunities (for deals they want to invest in).

Each person pitching will be given feedback by the panel and we’ll allow time for some audience participation.

It’ll be a fun evening – please join us.

The first Developer Pitch will on February 26th at the Building Society.

Tickets can be purchased here